Lisbon Online Tour

Virtually Explore Lisbon

Tips & Tricks about the city

Spend 1 hour with a Lisbon native

See Lisbon from the comfort of your own home while Portuguese For A Day Tours provides you with a live online tour of Lisbon.
The guide and participants see each other through a live video call and in real time. This way, they can see each other’s reactions and choose where to look around or ask questions.
The live tour is fun and entertaining.

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Trip Details

Trip Details


€10. Price is per account/family. Link cannot be shared with others


6pm, 7.30pm, 9pm (WET time – portuguese time)


1 hour


Zoom presentation, 360 views of Lisbon, recent photos, city sounds, Portuguese items, knowledgeable local guide

What to Expect

Cultural and fun hour with a Lisbon local

Good to Know

Bring a glass of wine and/or any Portuguese item that you have

Extra bonus!

Learn Portuguese words & receive an itinerary with recommendations for 2 days in Lisbon!

About Your Guide

Your guide is a Lisbon local, born and raised in Portugal


Using Zoom, a presentation with 360 views and images we collected, we’ll show you around Lisbon city center telling you about the history of the city and maybe help you plan your next vacation! We will assign a role to each person on the virtual tour with us and after we have talked about history, culture,  and food at the end of the tour you have to tell us who your character is.

This is a completely interactive tour where you will be able to communicate, ask questions or tell jokes with your local guide. We’ll walk through Alfama’s narrow streets, check out some of the best viewpoints of the city center, relax by the river, see Baixa, learn how life used to be, participate in a Portuguese celebration and try the famous Ginjinha! Overall immerse in the Portuguese culture but lets not get tipsy during our tour. See (virtually) and learn the highlights of Lisbon’s city center.

We will be showing you the famous tiles, ceramics, sausages, pastries and our drink Ginjinha.

Good to Know

You need to have a laptop/computer with internet connection and with Zoom access, speakers to listen to the sounds of the city and your guide and a microphone so that we can interact with each other.

You can bring your family if they’re in the same room.

After your booking is confirmed you’ll receive a link to join the Online Experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is a small group tour limited to 4 participants + the guide. You can bring your family members to join you in the same screen and have fun with us.

Unfortunately no, you can have more people in your house joining the tour, but the limit of screen participants is 4.

This is more of an online experience and a conversation with a Lisbon local guide. This way you can interact and learn different things.

All times are shown in Portuguese time which is GMT+1

Yes, of course just send us an email and we can arrange a different session for you and your group.

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