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7 Reasons You Should Book a Private Tour To Sintra and Cascais

Nowadays booking a guided private tour to Sintra is becoming more and more popular. After all, preparing for your trip alone can be very time-consuming with so many things to do, and figuring out the best navigation methods to then stay in line… it does not lead to a good vacation time. Below you can find seven reasons why we at Portuguese For a Day Tours believe that it is always better to book a private tour to Sintra.

1- Personal guide

Having a personal guide can completely transform your experience. For example, if you have been on a big group tour, you know you don’t get all of your questions answered, and the script is the same for every tour. With a personal guide, not only do you get your questions answered, you get more detailed information and recommendations based on what you want.

2- Tailored to your every need

And be needs, I mean your time, your budget, your dietary restrictions, your choice! A private tour is customized for YOU.

3- Time-saving + Zero Hassle = Worry-Free

I am sure you read all the blog posts that say Sintra is beautiful, and you can visit it in one day. True, you can. But you will spend more time waiting for a bus, standing in a crowded line and searching for directions, than enjoying what this amazing place has to offer, not to mention the stress of trying to drive there on your own. But, of course, if your goal is to visit just one monument in Sintra, you can do it in one day.
As in life, everything takes longer than you think with travel. However, if you desire to know Sintra, and experience this unique place in Portugal, a private tour will improve your experience.

4- Avoid tourist traps in Sintra

It is no secret that each major touristic destination has its tourist traps – it happens everywhere, and Sintra is no different. The bus system is designed to make you spend more money, and some restaurants are not so typical as they write in their outdoor menus.

On our Private Tour to Sintra(opens in a new tab), your guide will cater your restaurant recommendation according to what you want. For example, do you want to have lunch in a local restaurant in the town center or do you prefer to have lunch on one of the fantastic beaches of Sintra? Your guide will take you to selected partners only, places they trust, and not because it’s the best deal.

5- Skip the lines in Sintra

Either by an early entrance or local knowledge, you won’t be standing in line during a Private Tour to Sintra. In the past months we’ve been seeing travellers waiting in line for more than one hour, when they visit Sintra on their own. But, on a Private Tour to Sintra, you won’t be standing in line.

6- See more than the usual

If you decide to visit Sintra on your own, like mentioned above, you will be rushing from one place to another if you want to make the most of the day. However, in one day, you will visit Sintra and then head back to Lisbon.
On a Private Tour to Sintra, you are also able to visit Cabo da Roca, Guincho, the coast, Cascais, plus other stops that your guide makes along the way.

7- Affordable price

The value that a good private tour adds to your vacation is priceless. If you will be traveling, why not travel while learning about places and culture and meeting locals on a private tour?

A Private Tour to Sintra and Cascais will save you time, money and will remove any of the troubles of visiting on your own. However, don’t assume the word “private” means it will be expensive. On the contrary, you may spend a bit less by doing it yourself, but you won’t experience even half of it!

Should you book a private tour to Sintra?

Many people join our tours after they tried visiting Sintra on their own or simply after they realize that they will miss so much if they do it on their own. Independent travellers have been experiencing waiting times of almos two hours in line for the Pena Palace, and this leads to frustraction, in a time that should be so special.

This guest, for example:

“I usually like to explore places on my own but was glad we did a tour instead. We wouldn’t have been able to see all we did in one day without having someone knowledgeable about the lines and what to focus on. I loved hearing the history he shared. Well worth the cost.”

So if your plans bring you to Portugal, but you have limited time, consider this private tour to Sintra(opens in a new tab), or send us an email(opens in a new tab) with everything you have in mind, and we will plan something for you.

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