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5 Ways to get from the Lisbon Airport to the City Center

Lisbon has a great transportation system with several options available. Below ’ve listed the best 5 ways of getting from the Lisbon Airport to the City Center.


Lisbon Airport Metro

The Lisbon underground system makes a pretty complete connection of the city.

In normal conditions the metro runs from 6:30am to 1:00 every day (with exceptions from a few stations that close at 9:30pm), although on weekends and special holidays there is a longer waiting time.


You can buy a metro card that you can keep during your stay in Lisbon – the card has a cost of €0.50 – and then you can charge it with specific amounts or with daily passes. A single ticket has a cost of €1.50 and this will allow to enter in the metro and then exit in another station. If you buy 1 day ticket this has a cost of €10.55 for Metro & Carris (trams, bus in the city) and CP (train company).

Alternatively you can use the “Zapping” charge method and you can charge the amount that is most convenient to you. Taking the metro at the airport to the town center is quite easy, but it might take longer than the bus and/or Uber. The hard part will be the time tables since most of the times there are a few minutes delay.

Lisbon Aerobus

The bus that departures from the airport to several points of the city center as well as some hotels.

This has a cost of €4 per person for one way and you have three lines to chose from. The LINE 1 travels closer to downtown, stopping at Marquês de Pombal, Rossio and Cais do Sodré for example. The LINE 2 travels from the airport to Sete Rios (without any other stop) which is one of the main train, bus, and metro stations of the city.


Uber from Lisbon Airport

With a specific stop at the airport. A trip from the airport to the city center can be around €10 (UberX) (can be more depending of the flexible rate). Uber is a good option if your accommodation is in neighborhoods like Alfama, Graça, or Bairro Alto.


Lisbon Airport Taxi

At your own risk. We have more good taxi drivers than bad ones, but it is worldwide knowledge that taxis at the airport will charge you more. Make sure you have the address you want to go written in a paper to avoid any confusion.

Luggage in the trunk will have an extra cost.

TIP: to get to Lisbon town center from the airport takes around 20 minutes and you don’t have to cross any of the bridges to get there.


Car Rentals from Lisbon Airport

In all honesty we don’t recommend that you drive in Lisbon, so if you decide to rent a car keep in mind it is a good option to get you from point A to B, but not for exploring the city.

Take the highways and freeways if you want to go outside the city and avoid the small city streets for a more enjoyable experience!


If you want to explore Lisbon as only a local would know, don’t hesitate on reaching out to the Portuguese for a Day team. We offer unique private tours in Lisbon as well as small group tours in Lisbon. Our team is happy to show you everything that Lisbon has to offer.

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